Less Than Perfect


Welcome to 

“Less Than Perfect”

A community for even the “unchurched” Christians in Singapore, keen children of God and followers of Christ who desire true fellowship instead of just “church membership”.

Members are encouraged to share articles and material beneficial for the building up of one another, personal testimonies of God’s work in their lives, as well as prayer requests if they or their loved ones are in need. We also encourage members to openly discuss their understanding of God and the Christian faith that we may all grow in knowledge, spirit and faith.

The Church that Christ established is without boundaries; but let us start by gathering the lost and the disenfranchised among our midst. For we know that when two or three are gather in His name, He is among us.

Yes, we are Less Than Perfect, but we are confident that we are new creatures in Christ, and He works in us continually to perfect the work our Heavenly Father has begun. =)

©2016 Less Than Perfect a home for the "unchurched" Christians in Singapore =)


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